YAC Socials

The Young AFCEAns (YACs) host monthly socials on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Stained Glass Pub, MD, from 5pm - 7pm.  These socials enable both current and interested members to network and discuss new education and training programs, upcoming activities, and ideas for new initiatives.  

Why attend?

Why not!  Come meet members from the Young AFCEAn Executive Committee; learn how to Get Involved; help develop or learn about upcoming events; network; or simply enjoy free drinks and appetizers.

Not a YAC?

You do not have to be a YAC (40 or under) to attend, but please bring one with you.  Remember, new YACs receive free membership in AFCEA for a year! Help the Chapter grow and, in turn, offer more events!


The Green Turtle donates at least two $25.00 gift cards for random give-away at each monthly social.  To be eligible to win, you merely need to sign our attendance sheet and be present!

Additionally, each month, a small business from our community serves as the monthly YAC Advocate.  This gives the small business visibility within the YAC organization, as well as an opportunity to provide direct support to YAC membership.

For more information about YAC socials or the YAC Advocate program, please contact Linh Nguyen.