2016 President's Cup Golf Tournament

From April 12, 08:00 until September 13, 17:00
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2016 Registration is OPEN.

2015 President's Cup Winner

2016 AFCEA CMD President’s Cup Rules and Details

Description: The President’s Cup is an organizational (down to smallest unit for industry, military or government) two person match play challenge. Team members must be full time employees of the organization. While the team for any particular event is restricted to the two people that start the round, an organization may change their team composition between matches as long as all participants satisfy the full time employment requirement. The season will take place from May through October with one match played each month. Competition will be conducted like a “Soccer Cup” with teams randomly placed in four team groups. Over a period of three months, each team will play all group members once and the teams will be ranked (1st thru 4th) within their group based on their win/­loss record and overall points won. Once ranked, each team will be assigned to a flight: 1st place teams to “A” Flight; 2nd place teams to “B flight; 3rd place teams to “C” flight and 4th place teams to “D” flight. Flights will be divided up into two groups of four teams where each team will again play everyone within their group once to determine a flight group winner based on win/­loss record and overall points. The two group winners of each flight will play a final match to determine the flight winner. Flight winners will receive a trophy with the “A” flight winner receiving the President’s Cup.

Format: In Match Play, each hole is competed as a single competition within the total round. The lower score of each team wins the hole. The team with the most holes won at the end of the 18 holes is the winner and receives two (2) match points. If the teams are tied (all square after the match), each team will receive one (1) match point. A losing team receives zero (0) match points for the match. The team match play will be conducted as a 6­-6-­6 challenge:

  • 1st six holes: Played as Captain’s Choice where each teammate tees off and the best shot is selected. Each teammate hits their next shot from the chosen location. Play continues through holing out and the score is recorded for the team.
  • 2nd six holes: Played as Better Ball where each teammate plays their own ball from tee to green and the best score of the two represents the team score.
  • 3rd six holes: Played as alternate shot where one teammate will tee off on 13, 15 and 17 while the other teammate will tee off on 14, 16 and 18. After teeing off, players alternate hitting the ball until it is holed out. The team score is recorded.

Cost: Team registration is $965 and includes the team’s green fees for all six guaranteed matches. The green fee cost of $65 per player (at our sponsor course, Hobbits Glen) for the flight championship match is born by the participant.

Dates: The matches are pre­-scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as depicted by the event calendar. Should a team not be able to play during their scheduled time, they are responsible for notifying their Opponent and Hobbits Glen of their tee ­time cancellation AND must coordinate with their opponent and Hobbits Glen so that the play of the match occurs within the same calendar month. It is the responsibility of the cancelling team to reschedule the match. If a match is not played or the score is not recorded by the end of the month, the cancelling team will receive zero (0) points with two (2) points going to the opponent. If the opponent fails to oblige the cancelling team in coordinating a new match time, both teams will receive zero (0) points.

Location: Each match will be played on our sponsor course, Hobbits Glen.

Registration: The competition is limited to the first 32 paid teams. A minimum of 12 teams (with a desired minimum of 16 teams) is necessary to have the event.  To register click the Register button located at the top left corner of this page. If you have questions about The President’s Cup or to indicate an intent to register please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Golf Rules:

  • USGA and local rules apply. For speed of play, all rounds will be played under the President’s Cup rule for Out of Bounds (OB) / Lost Ball (LB) which is play as a lateral hazard. For wet conditions, teams will play lift/clean/place in own fairway. If a rule is not agreed to by both teams prior to the start of the match, then the USGA rules or published course rules shall prevail.
  • Handicap: Anytime a team goes 3 up, it must tee off one tee box back of their opponent until such time as they are less than 3 up.
  • Single Play: Due to the nature of scheduling, if a team finds itself with only being able to field one player for a match during the first round, it may elect to play that match as a single. Only one match in the first round can be played in this manner by each team. The following rule augmentation applies in this case:
    • The single player team starts 3 down unless they are playing another single player team; in which case they both start even.
    • Handicap for the non-single player team goes into effect win they are 6 up.
    • Single player plays better ball for all 18 holes
  • Tie Breaker:All matches are played on a regulation course (not an executive course). All 18 holes must be played as points are awarded for every hole won. Total hole points will be used at the end of the round for tie breaker purposes. Regulation tee boxes for this competition are the standard men’s and women’s boxes for the given course.
    • Group play (in priority of order):
      • Most holes won during the round
      • Optional – one round playoff (match play for two teams, stroke play for more than two teams)
      • If playoff is not selected, random draw
      • Championship Match (in priority of order):
        • 18 holes stoke play
        • Last 9 holes of the course stroke play
        • Last 6 holes of the course stroke play
        • Last 3 holes of the course stoke play
        • Hardest handicap hole stroke play

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